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The building has been recently built. It consists of 4 rooms that sleep 12 people: 
A room with 4 single beds, two rooms with 3 singles, a room with twin beds, a communal relax/lounge with TV. Camping grounds: two places available. There is ample room for ceremonies and banquets, up to 25-30 seats. The vast menu is based on typical Sardinian products, from starters to desserts, and wines. 
The company also produces olives, citrus fruit, artichokes, rice, cereals and vegetables. We breed courtyard’s animals, such as chickens, rabbits and geese. 
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"Su Livariu" di Teresa Casu - località San Pietro, 09070 Siamaggiore (OR) - Italia 
Tel. 0783 34099 - Cell. 328 9378139 - e-mail: teresacasu@sulivariu.it  teresa-casu@tiscali.it